If you’ve landed here, it’s possible you want to find out more about Robert Deutsch (me) or several of the other famous Robert Deutsches out there.

masteroflowarts.comMaster of Low Arts—(http://masteroflowarts.com) This is my blog devoted to recipes I have developed, copied, tweaked and co-opted over the years.  It’s fairly simple, and if you’re stuck in a food rut, a great place to go.   Everything from General Rob’s Chicken to Perfect Oatmeal Cookies is there.

robert_deutsch_king.theftyjackTheftyJack Game Studios (http://www.theftyjack.com) My mobile game and apps company, whose first game, Zombie I Scream is currently in the App Store and delighting kids and parents alike!  I mean, how could you not enjoy a game where you return zombies to humans by feeding them ice cream? It’s a natural.


robert.deutsch.wowRobert’s Wix site.  (http://robertdeutsch.wix.com/robertdeutsch)  More a place to discuss my professional accomplishments and projects I’ve worked on in the corporate realm.   Here you an find more about my life as a content development guy, and my work with the many IAC brands including Ask.com, Life123.com, Realestate.com and more.

snowmanOy to the World (http://oytotheworld.net) For about 15 years New Yorker cartoonist John Klossner and I spent our afternoons finding the best Christmas music ever, which we eventually planned to discuss on our fledgling, half-built, never-finished website devoted to Christmas music you’ll never hear at the mall.   When we started, in the 2000s, it was hard to access new and interesting music, but now with the Internet, and streaming music services everywhere, it’s overwhelming!

aboutme.robertdeutschAbout Me (https://about.me/robert_deutsch) Whenever they throw up some new platform, I’ve been conditioned to just grab my name, as I am still bitter about losing the .com of my name to the famous USA Today photographer Robert Deutsch.

sobediet.blogspot.comMy South Beach Diet Blog (http://sobediet.blogspot.com/)  In 2005, I became determined to lose weight, and in fact lost 50lbs on the South Beach diet.  For about three years, I blogged nearly every day about what I ate, and the struggles of a former-foodie to stay on a program, fight the fat and avoid over-nutting at all costs.


greencommuter.tumblr.comThe Green Commuter (http://greencommuter.tumblr.com)— When I started working in Boston, I thought it would be neat to blog my experiences as a new commuter, but soon found out that the Wi-Fi was too unreliable, seats with desks too rare, and the time and concentration needed to compose 300 words non-existent.  Though it petered out after only two dozen entries, it still has some worthwhile stuff in it.